Here at ECMA, our values are the principles that guide our behavior and decision on a daily basis Our values help us to conduct ourselves and make decisions that facilitate the attainment of our cherished vision of becoming a leading collateral brokerage and asset realization firm in Ghana. These cherished shared values are SERVICE:

Service Excellence: We are determined to deliver “wow” through our exceptional service.

Relationship: Providing the necessary affinity with our clients to ensure that we make ourselves easily accessible to our clients in our dealing with them.

In-Touch: We do not only walk clients through, we walk with them.

Experience:  Our clients search for answers to the questions of their future funding and income needs, they may feel like they are crossing uncharted territory. Be rest assure; whilst every situation is unique, our experience plays a vital role as we apply our past success to your future success. Experience is not something that can be purchased, leased or borrowed; it is an invaluable asset that must be earned through a successful past.

Empathy: We build open and honest relationship through exceptional listening and sincere communication. We do our best to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes.

Value: Whatever we do our main duty is to create impact in the business of our clients and making sure we have added value to their business.

Continues Learning: We are passionate about this business; therefore, we are motivated to pursue continues personal development and knowledge through education.