Prime Brokerage

At ECMA, before we assign collateral to a business, we take their unperfected property documents as a diluted asset against default.
Operating in a risk-free environment ensures that our primary borrowers assign a diluted property to ECMA before a collateral is assigned to them. Therefore in a case of default, ECMA falls on the diluted property to pay off the primary borrower’s liability to the bank.
A primary borrower who does not have a diluted property to be assigned to ECMA must be engaged in a business where the risk is eminently free.

Residential, non-residential, and commercial properties that are fully developed and registered.

Your certified property document can earn you income here in Ghana while living abroad. All you need to do is to give a power of attorney to a loved one or ECMA to act in your stead.

Our prime brokerage clients earn their income when their property documents are assigned to a primary borrower to secure a loan. And Upon approval of the loan, a percentage of the loan is earned as income.

ECMA is a Limited Liability Company registered under the company’s acts with the Registrar General Department, and also our service is to play a complimentary role to the banks.

Your property document can be retrieved at any time when the document has not yet been assigned to a primary borrower. Again when the property is assigned to a primary borrower, and the loan is approved, you need to give ECMA three months’ notice to replace your document to enable you to retrieve yours.

Collateral Brokerage

We support businesses that have contracts from blue chip companies and with good paymasters, also businesses with good profiles from their bankers that need our collateral support.

  • Administrative Fees
  • Property valuation fees
  • Collateral usage fees

Land Document Perfection

Credit Brokerage

A thorough credit analysis is done on the client’s business to ensure that they meet all the bank’s credit requirements before the clients are presented to the bank.