Credit Brokerage

Think safety, earn decent income

ECMA in delivering its services allow project owner to think funding before thinking projects.

ECMA after our assessment of a client, will introduce the client to our partnered financial institutions to assess them for credit facility if their business model suites that of the partnered financial institutions. 

After the financial institution has fully assessed the client and they qualify for a credit facility, ECMA would then provide the said client with a collateral to secure the facility under our collateral brokerage services.

At ECMA, we understand the needs of our clients and create opportunities to help them find a solution. We are able to assist them to make a decision about the kind of financing that best suits their needs and connects them to appropriate financial institutions

Our Services

Prime Brokerage

Prime Brokerage is where property owners assign their properties as third party collateral for businesses to access credit facilities from financial institutions.

Collateral Brokerage

Collateral Brokerage is the assignment of property documents as third party collateral to businesses to access credit facilities from financial institutions.

Credit Brokerage

Credit Brokerage is the introduction of clients to financial institution to access a credit facility.



Land Document Perfection

Land Document Perfection is where property documents such as Land Title are acquired with our help for the property owners.