Collateral Brokerage

At ECMA we say “Think funding before thinking project”

Collateral is one of the building blocks on which the financial market is constructed. It is the core of secured financing and a key enabler for multitude of services and products, including traditional securities financing, facilitating businesses, and innovative solutions which will allow for risk mitigation.

ECMA works closely with partnered financial institutions to provide a number of alternatives to collaterals that we offer to our clients as surety for their facilities which is crucial in maximizing the potential benefits to the partnered financial institutions and the clients. We provide secured financing opportunities at a low cost and reduce counterparty risk exposures.

ECMA understands there is a perfect correlation between our collateral brokerage service and specific operating efficiency. It is clear that the businesses we support with our service and operating model employed would have a significant bearing on the way our services are addressed.