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The Company

Founder & CEO
Mr. Kafui Amegah

Eclipse Collateral Management and Advisory Services (ECMA) has since September, 2017 been operating as a collateral management organization for a year before it was officially incorporated in October, 2018. The pre-incorporation period was to affirm the need for our services in the industry through market survey.

The aim of incorporating ECMA is to help create market value for property owners to earn sustainable and decent income at the back of their property documents and also to help address the inability of businesses to access working capital needs from banks, due to lack of adequate and reliable collateral to support their credit facilities.

At ECMA, we have created a Prime Depository Platform that is well-designed and well-operated where property owners can lodge their property documents unto the platform to be used as surety asset a risk free environment whilst earning decent and sustainable income. This platform is designed to link property owners to well-organized and thriving businesses seeking collateral support to secure credit facilities from the bank to expand their business.

At ECMA, we seek to provide a complementary service to the banks where businesses that are seeking to access credit facilities from the banks and lack adequate or inappropriate collateral and therefore cannot be assisted by the banks, get assistance from us in the form of the required collateral to access the credit facility to grow their businesses. In delivering this services we also ensure businesses we are supporting has the requisite capacity and potential to repay the credit facility without defaulting and in the actual case of default our model ensures that the banks get their repayment without any legal battle and hence reducing their non-performing loans. This we do with ease.

In delivering our services, we operate vigorously through a credit appraisal process to support businesses that qualifies for our services before assigning our surety assets to these businesses. The surety asset is seen as lending credit facility to businesses in the form of landed properties to be held by the banks in exchange for liquidity for these businesses.

In conclusion, to prevent the unforeseen challenges of eminent default on loan repayment by businesses securing our services and to protect owners on our platform from losing their properties and the banks from going through unnecessary legal battles, before our collateral assets are assigned to businesses who access our services they would provide ECMA with an alternative property to dilute our assets under our Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) with a Deed of Assignment. These properties usually have their legal documentations not perfected and cannot be accepted by the banks as surety assets.

At ECMA to our property owners we say “think safety, earn decent income” and to businesses we say ” think funding, before projects”.

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Mission

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Our Values

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Team Members

Mr. Kafui Amegah

CEO and Founder

Mr. Nana Kwame Collins

Head, Admin/Operations

Ms. Belinda Yemeh

Head of Accounts

Mr. McJohnson Menokpor

Paralegal Officer

Mr. Daniel Tackie

Civil Engineer / Q. S Officer

Osei Sarfo Sekyere

IT Officer